19 weeks of pregnancy (!!!)

If one were reading this blog with no connection to me in the outside or social media world, one might not have heard the wonderful, glorious, happiest news of my life: I am pregnant!

Kristin & Kenny-6

In April, we officially began the IVF process (though we’d been working up to it since January). We worked with the most incredible doctors and nurses in Los Angeles and had some amazing experiences throughout the process. It was grueling and emotional and stressful and expensive, but it was hope-filled and exciting too.

The timing was completely ridiculous. I started medications at the end of April, ultrasounds in the downtown LA office every other morning, then every morning through the first week of May. The next three weeks brought a flurry of events and craziness, including Kenny’s finals, my grandma passing away, our egg retrieval, packing for our move back to Utah, our embryo transfer, our families coming to town, Kenny’s graduation (and big party), moving all our stuff, Kenny moving while I stayed behind, my sister Katie coming to visit me, finding out the wonderful results of the IVF, and finally moving myself and Pip back home to Utah.

Clearly it was the craziest month of our lives!

Since then, we’ve settled into our apartment in Salt Lake, Kenny began work and hunkered down to study intensely for the bar, we found out we are actually having TWINS (!!!!!!), Kenny took the bar (yay it’s over!), and ended up getting a fantastic year-long clerkship at the courthouse in Ogden that he started last week. It’s an amazing opportunity for him so we are super excited! But it also means we need to move again, which sounds like the worst kind of torture to do again only a few months after our last move… but we are on the hunt for a great, bigger place that will hopefully make the hassle worth it.

I have some thoughts to share soon about what I learned in the last few weeks before finding out I was pregnant and what I’ve learned since then. For now, halfway through a miraculous pregnancy that seemed as if it would never happen, I can tell you that I know more than ever that God loves us and is working with us, even when he doesn’t give us what we want. I can tell you that the not-having really does make us better. That it actually is possible to be happy, even when we’re not. That life is hard, but it’s okay. I really am grateful for the hard stuff… and even more grateful that this particular hard thing is over!

Our twins (a boy and girl!) will be here in January!


Aubrey HolmgrenSeptember 8, 2015 - 8:20 pm

Oh this gives me happy chills. And I second your words that “life is hard but it’s okay”–when we involve God in our lives we can see there are good gifts all around us. Super duper excited to meet those twinsies!!!!

IvetteJanuary 22, 2016 - 10:47 am

hi kristin! I’m Ivette from Mexico, first I’m sorry for my bad english, but I can’t keep the feeling to myself, I was chills when read your post!.. i’m really happy for you guys, I’ve been following you for a long time, first in your photography website, then here in your notes, so when you were through infertility, I was too! so your thoughts help me a lot! I lost a baby that my husband and I got naturally right before we started the treatment for a IUI, then we tried the UI and got prengant! with triplets!! my babies were born last november and they’re great! so I just want to say thanks for taking the time to share your feelings! and enjoy this gift from God, I hope everything goes well.. hugs and blessings for all your family! :)

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